TEMPUS is a joint venture project between the fifth generation Cotton family of “Kelvedon Estate” and Australian development and management company Tempus Village Management Pty Ltd (TVM). The proposal is for an 18-hectare tree-change and sea-change, rural, lifestyle retirement village set amongst award winning merino sheep and 5 star vineyards on Tasmania’s East Coast. It will be independent rural living with a difference – redefining retirement.

The project will work with the Swansea and broader East Coast communities and businesses to utilise the TEMPUS recreational facilities and services for maximum community benefit and engagement.

Unanimous support from East Coast Council for Rural Retirement Village

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council has unanimously voted to support and initiate “Tempus”  – a high-quality integrated retirement and healthcare project south of Swansea. The proponents, Tempus Village Management Pty Ltd and Jack Cotton are absolutely delighted with the support from the Council after working solidly for more than 18 months to satisfy all criteria. The…

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The master-planned amenity, with a focus on sustainability, includes a substantial nursing home which will be available to the wider community. Tempus will be unique to Tasmania in offering quality rural and regional retirement living options that embrace family pets and livestock.

Nestled into the foothills landscape, Tempus will feature 140 Independent Living Units – modern 2 and 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, architecturally designed with bespoke interior design. An authentic rural experience without the maintenance and work. North facing with a stunning rural and ocean outlook at a range of price points. Turf roofs will not only provide thermal and acoustic insulation, but will also enhance the outlook for the terraced residences.

A range of home styles have been designed to optimise their solar orientation, so that all will have Northern sun into their living space and a range of private outdoor spaces to take advantage of the morning, midday & afternoon sun.

There will be an array of recreational and communal facilities for residents and the local community – including an 80 seat theatre, gymnasium, 20m lap pool, conservatory, olive grove, bowling green, equestrian centre, orchard and greenhouse. The aim is to promote healthy living and community engagement in a unique rural setting in a world class location. The Tempus project fits with the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council 20 year plan for Swansea regarding retirement and population growth.

The joint venture team has been working with local consultants to initiate a project that will afford many benefits to the local community. The design and amenity of Tempus has been carefully considered after initial consultation and engagement with the Council, stakeholders and the local community. Tempus will be a project that the Swansea residents can be proud of and engage with. The unique concept, design and operational aspects will likely receive local and international attention.


The location, 4 kilometres south of the seaside township of Swansea on the north east corner of “Kelvedon Estate” is world-class, overlooking Great Oyster Bay and Freycinet Peninsula on the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania – 90 minutes drive to Hobart and Launceston.

  • The Tempus site is 18Ha on the NE corner of the Kelvedon Estate but the development footprint is only 7.7 hectares
  • The new vineyard for Gala Estate borders to the South and the Piermont Resort is across the Tasman Highway to the East.
  • The Swansea town boundary is 1km to the North and the town centre is 4km away.
  • On one side, the Tempus site overlooks the spectacular Freycinet Peninsula and on the other, the beautiful Kelvedon Hills. 
Render of topography
The site covers a gently sloping hill, which culminates in a flat top, ideal for the centre of the village.
Tempus Location





Enclave ground floor drawing

Enclave Cross Sections

House designs

Independent Living Units

Home ground floor drawings

Nursing Home

  • 44 Nursing Home Suites of various sizes, (including a Dementia Unit), is proposed for the Ground Floor 
  • 32 Assisted Living Units is proposed for the Upper Floor. 


Julian ‘Jack’ Cotton

John Lewis

Les Walden

Keryn Nylander

Kathy Waters

Simon Ibbetson

Craig Brown


  • The fundamental problem in justifying sustainable systems is the separation between Who bears the costs & who reaps the benefits’. This is solved in this form of development by the ongoing nature of the ownership.
  • Sustainable systems proposed:
    • Rainwater harvesting, pumped by windmills to a header tank to gravity irrigate the landscape.
    • PV array for low-level lighting to outdoor spaces at night
    • Turf roofed houses for thermal insulation & evaporative cooling.
    • Stone walls to the western end of houses to capture afternoon solar gain.
    • Communal greenhouse for the production of vegetables.
    • Communal orchard growing stone fruits & nuts.
    • Harvesting horse manure & food waste for fertiliser.
  • A range of home types is being designed to optimise their solar orientation, so that all homes will have Northern sun into their living space and a range of private outdoor spaces to take advantage of the morning, midday & afternoon sun.


Feedback from our community consultation sessions:

That was a fascinating read.   I love looking over layout plans and trying to visualise.  I really hope this all happens.  What a community you would have there and what an asset to the broader community.  I do love the underlying concept. Keep working!   It’s got to happen.  We need places like this to give us more and better options for retirement and later years.   

Some of the aspects make me think of the Scandinavian practices.  Mainly that of creating a community and one that interacts with a broader spectrum of our society.  Students getting accommodation with older people in return for spending so many hours a week with them.  Creating living spaces with shared facilities.  Encouraging a community with lots of social interaction and support.  
The more remote nature of your project is awesome. That you can still have access to various recreational facilities – including a theatre and ponies! – and not have to live in the middle of a concrete jungle of city.  

And planning and incorporating more connection with the real world – sun, views, landscape and terrain to wander through, animals, horticulture, ocean – room for your boat! Reduce that sense of isolation.  Opportunities to participate and contribute- to have some purpose and usefulness. And all that without compromising access to health, well-being and safety services.  
It could really change how people view retirement and nursing options.  They become attractive and adventures instead of some final penance to be endured. I’ve thought often about what my options might be when we are forced or want to ramp down from what we have now. This has me intrigued. 

Hopefully the East Coast community see things similarly. People could have fulfilling nursing and aged care careers without having to live in population centres.  So many different employment opportunities – horticulture, sports and activities support, food and entertainment.  It just goes on.  And so many new things that the public would have access to too.

– Kirsten Kuns
Lower Longley

TVM Pty Ltd

Tempus Village Management Pty Ltd (TVM) is an Australian registered company and is the development and management company of the TEMPUS project. The directors of TVM are Australian residents who share a passion to develop high quality accommodation, services and amenity with a strong focus on local community engagement.

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